Sky High Farm - Where the Sky is the Limit!

We provide a quiet environment that focuses on providing the love and personalized care our equine partners deserve. Kick walls surround our 66’ x 200’ regulation indoor dressage arena for added security. We also provide 66’ of mirrors on the short side to help you master movements.

Our barn has two 10’ x 12’ stalls in the front, and a 12’ x 18’ stall that opens up to a dirt corral. In addition, we keep our barn well insulated so it keeps your horse cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We provide a 24’ x 36’ run out shed to help your horse escape bad weather or provide shade on sunny days. We also offer electric fencing, separate paddocks for horses, and a dry lot for horses with metabolic issues. We rotate our pastures and clean them and the water troughs weekly.


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